Labyrinth at Gaia's Oasis

Photo © 1999, Christopher Galfo
Photo © 1999, Christopher Galfo

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Labyrinth at Gaia's Oasis - Phase I  

As part of the Goddess 2000 Project, I have begun construction of a labyrinth based on the classical seven circuit design.   This design is sometimes called a Cretan labyrinth because some of earliest examples of this pattern have been found in Crete and it was used on Cretan coins around 500 BCE, but, this same design has also been found in ancient rock carvings in Scandinavian and the British Iles where the practice of making large labyrinths on the ground first appeared.  This labyrinth, which is about 30 ft. in diameter and located in a beautifully secluded area between two creaks, is used for meditative walks.  It was created by scraping the thick mat of weeds and grass during May 1999.  The path will be maintained in this form for the summer, and them, once the rains return this fall, the walls will be built up a few inches by mounding.   To see what we have done more recently, see Fire Circle, Ritual, and Labyrinth Area.

        -- Gaiella

All Images: Copyright © 2002 Christopher Galfo.