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Recordings made at Gaia's Oasis 2001 to 2006

Here is our list of Chant and Song files.   Click the title to download the MP3 file.   These recordings are for your personal use only.   Please DO NOT post or distribute them without permission.   Composers are listed when known.   Please send corrections to: email at nightpth dot org   Thanks!

Chant or Song Title      Composer Artist
At the River's Edge Nikki Charvez Tymn Urban
Behold My Glory--- Tymn Urban
Bless the WisdomGaiella Galfo Gaiella Galfo
Blessed Be the Earth Beneath MeGaiella Galfo Gaiella Galfo
Come and Be One Become One...--- Gaiella Galfo
Come TogetherTymn Urban
Nikki Charvez
Tymn Urban
Dance in the DarknessTymn Urban Tymn Urban
Drumming Spirit (4 min. version)Chris Galfo Gaiella & Chris Galfo
Going DownTymn Urban Tymn Urban
Hand to Hand, Heart to HeartGaiella Galfo Gaiella Galfo
Hub of the Wheel & This Moment EternalTymn Urban Tymn Urban
If You NeedTymn Urban Tymn Urban
In this Circle--- Tymn Urban
Lady MoonGaiella Galfo Gaiella Galfo
Lady Weave--- Tymn Urban
Let me Flow with the MusicGaiella Galfo Gaiella Galfo
Let there be PeaceGaiella Galfo Gaiella Galfo
Lift UpGreg McKenzie Tymn Urban
Light is ReturningCharlie Murphy Gaiella Galfo
Mother isTymn Urban Tymn Urban
Open Your HeartGaiella Galfo Gaiella Galfo
ReturnTymn Urban Tymn Urban
Show Me the Place...--- Gaiella Galfo
Souls JourneyTymn Urban Tymn Urban
Spirits of the Sacred CircleGreg McKenzie Tymn Urban
Step by Step by Step by StepGaiella Galfo Gaiella Galfo
Thank You SunBrenda Bernstein
Aliza Rabinowitz
Gaiella Galfo
The Ocean Refuses no River--- Gaiella Galfo
To this Fire, I Bring my LoveTymn Urban Gaiella Galfo
We are a People in the Full...--- Gaiella Galfo
We are Circling--- Gaiella Galfo
We are the EarthJen Turner-Beachy Tymn Urban
We Honor You, We Empower You... --- Gaiella Galfo
Whatever RoadTymn Urban Tymn Urban
Yemaya--- Tymn Urban
You Are The Fire (4 min. version)Chris Galfo Gaiella & Chris Galfo

Remember, please DO NOT post or distribute them without permission.   Thanks!

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